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Christ-centered Coaching & Counseling

Receive breakthrough, transformation and healing through Christ-centered coaching and counseling.

Spiritual Coaching

Let us help you better define your goals, dream beyond your current possibilities and provide you with the support and encouragement you need to achieve those dreams. As a life coach, we support individuals and couples by providing effective strategies and accountability to achieve the future you believe God is leading you in, including the growth of your spiritual gifts and talents. Our joy is in helping you move from where you currently are to receive the blessings God is ready to unleash upon you.

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Christian Counseling

There are times where life is difficult or perhaps overwhelming; dealing with trauma, loss, depression and anxiety can seem to take up most of your life, energy and dreams. However, God wants to restore your dreams and heal your emotional pain so that you can move forward in the life God has for you. Blue Fire Ministries provides evidence-based mental health treatment combined with biblical principles to help restore you according to His Word.

Blue Fire Ministries' counseling and coaching is provided by Carlos Rodriguez. Bringing both his expertise in mental health outpatient treatment and his ministry experience, his goal is to support you in receiving the healing and breakthrough you desire. Carlos has earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior Applied Psychology and is also a Trauma Certified counselor. He has been providing outpatient mental health treatment in the community since 2014 as well as pastoring and ministering in various positions since 2012.

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